Rather than requiring you to disconnect your computer and bring it to our location, we can service the computers at your office without causing disruption.

Our repair services are located in Oxford MI, Saginaw MI, and Kenhorst PA, and we can travel the country as needed.

Our Managed Services enables you to have a predictable cost per month for your organization’s IT support. 

We monitor and repair items before they become a major issue.

Free up time by allowing employees to contact our support without a per call fee. 

This service provides important benefits, including:

We recommend a backup system that allows for on-site backups for quicker recovery and off-site backups for safety.

Our ideal plan is to protect your servers with a BDR (Backup Disaster Recovery) appliance which creates a snapshot of your server to the local backup device every hour and archives the backup to the cloud.

If your local server goes down, the BDR device can be booted into a backup server until the main server issues are resolved.  If you suffer a facility loss, the cloud version of the BDR can be spun up as a backup server.

Local workstations usually have programs needed for the company to function.  At a minimum, we would recommend setting up a cloud backup to save the PC’s user data.  If the workstation is critical, we can add that system to the BDR device, saving an exact working copy of that system that can be spun up in an emergency.

The response to a Crypto attack completely changes with a good backup system in place.   In the past, we have spun up a BDR backup of the user’s system before the attack to negate the effects.  Online backups also allow for file journaling to restore your data back to a pre-attack state.

We can help your organization to properly protect your important data.

Spam accumulates quickly, rendering your network vulnerable to attacks such as phishing and malware.  Spam protection and email services are essential in any business.

Our e-mail service and spam protection service will help.

The Internet is constantly evolving as new threats and exploits are discovered in operating systems and software.

We recommend business-class software that is current and fully patched to reduce the opportunity to exploit. 

Other items we recommend and can assist with are:

We can install and support virtual versions of your PCs and servers to reduce physical server costs.  These can be either onsite or in the cloud.

Give your employees the ability to effectively work remotely and yourself the tools to monitor their performance.

Hosted phone servers are more cost effective and feature-rich than traditional phone systems.  The cost of just maintaining your phone system often exceeds the cost of a hosted phone system.

Older phone systems have limits of the number of phones/lines and present roadblocks to having your staff work remotely. 

We can help engineer a new phone system to accomplish your goals at a reasonable cost. 

We offer a number of services, software and hardware products to get more from your system, including:

UNIX & Linux